—- SOME OF the books that inspired the disciple dilemma —-

Tolson 4 Priorities

The book you would go through with a new believer to help them begin to think about their life as a disciple – and a disciple-maker. 

Asking if the primary objective of the church—discipling individuals —has been “outsourced”.

Book Mentor Like Jesus

How to make more disciples with fewer people.

A classic. A pragmatic way to: Go, make disciples, baptize, and teach.

A mammoth 10-year research project about the changing shape of religion in America.

Putman Relationshift

Probably the best “culture” book out there for disciple making

Another classic: How to “Go and Make” very very well.

Can we afford Western Christianity’s price tag? John 

The dangers of production methods to mass produce Christ-followers.

From Fuller Seminary: Six “stages” of a disciple’s life

Pastor, Philosopher and Intellectual Francis Schaeffer’s magnum opus on culture and disciples. 

A Classic for the modern disciple.


Counselor and theologian Ashley Chesnut tackles key issues for women as disciples.

An uncomfortable and invaluable read.

A deep dive into the Biblical case for discipleship

People say this book should have been titled “The Master Plan of Dscipleship”

William Wilberforce, the British slave emancipator writes about the loss of discipleship as society and time trundle along.

We need a different style of leadership—one patterned after Jesus.

Examining the lives of hundreds of historical, biblical, and contemporary leaders.

For forty years, The Measure of a Man has taught how to live faithfully, lovingly, and spiritually. 

The course of the thinking person’s journey toward faith and meaning. 

The riches of traditional Christian spirituality, bringing the real good news to Christians of all ages.



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