INVITE Dennis Allen To Speak WITH your LEADERSHIP

Something isn’t right…

A lot of Christ followers aren’t following Christ anymore, and you probably know some of them: The Ex-vangelicals, the Nones, Dones, the De-converted or the De-churched. 

If the “news” is such good news, why the burnout and turnout rates with Pastors? What’s behind the mute-ness and inert-ness and uncertain-ness of the people who are known as “disciples” of Jesus, the Christ? What’s going on here?

Whatever “it” is – it’s inside and outside. It’s inside the church walls, impacting staff and congregations alike. It’s affecting seminaries, missionaries, family and friends. Even outside, the watching world is noticing. It’s almost as if discipleship has been “hacked”.

What to do? Now that’s a really good question!

Let’s have a conversation:

In person or in-virtual, Dennis wants to talk to you – as leaders, pastors, ministers, leaders of small groups, deacons, bishops, elders and professors.

It isn’t your fault. Yet now….it’s your purpose and call to lead us out of this! 


Are you seeing the disciple dilemma take it’s toll on your community? Book Dennis to speak at your church, or at your next event to help inspire leaders toward the action of making disciples.
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