Christian discipleship is caught in a ransomware trap. The symptoms of the hack are numerous, a few examples being: the rise of the Nones & Dones, the passivation of believers, skepticism about Jesus’s atonement and the rejection of biblical truth claims.

The symptoms are not actually the problem. We have to get to the root causes, which are some beloved traditions dating back to the 3rd century. What are these traditions that silence, shun or slough off discipleship? How is it that they come across as good and right and normal in Christian community? Do we stick with the culture and traditions we have today and hope it all gets better, or is it time to rethink and reform discipling? All of this is on you, the leaders of Christian communities. Welcome to the Disciple Dilemma.

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A disciple was living out his dream job: flying fighter jets. Eight years in, a heart defect shuts down his military career. Switching into the business world he helps turn around struggling companies and their leadership.

And an eerie thing came to light: the issues that impair employees and the performance of distressed commercial firms also haunt the history of the Church – and modern Western discipleship. But those symptoms aren’t the problem. What’s behind all that? Welcome to The Disciple Dilemma – and leadership’s vital role in countering it!

A six-time Chief Executive Officer specializing in “turnarounds” for Wall Street backed corporations, Dennis has spoken at Universities, churches and conferences focusing on leadership and discipleship. He has been the featured speaker on CBN, Faith Radio, InContext, Focus Today, The Bill Martinez Show, The Pat Williams Power Hour and many others. Dennis serves in businesses and charities, as well as his roles in churches of all sizes – megas, mids and startups – as an elder, deacon and teacher.

A combat-rated Air Force F-15 fighter pilot, and an alumnus of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, Dennis lives with his bride Karen in the Washington DC area.


The Disciple Dilemma


What? When?
How? Who?

A Discipleship Foreign to the West

Ervin Budiselić, a Professor at the Biblical Institute Zagreb is sponsoring a five-year project investigating Christian discipleship. His project  integrates history with modern practice and draws on the work of pastors, missionaries, university and seminary scholars

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What We’ve Been Up To…

WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO… Invited as a contestant for the 2022 “Illumination” award by The Jenkins Group Book Reviewers. The Disciple Dilemma has passed 185,000 reach 2022 YTD! INTERVIEWS & PODCASTS December: “The Universe

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