Christian discipleship is caught in a ransomware trap. The symptoms of the hack are numerous, a few examples being: the rise of the Nones & Dones, the passivation of believers, skepticism about Jesus’s atonement and the rejection of biblical truth claims.

The symptoms are not actually the problem. We have to get to the root causes, which are some beloved traditions dating back to the 3rd century. What are these traditions that silence, shun or slough off discipleship? How is it that they come across as good and right and normal in Christian community? Do we stick with the culture and traditions we have today and hope it all gets better, or is it time to rethink and reform discipling? All of this is on you, the leaders of Christian communities. Welcome to the Disciple Dilemma.

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A “doulos” – a husband, father, a Chief Executive Officer in the business world. He has served in church leadership roles in the U.S., Europe, and Asia…


The Disciple Dilemma


What? When?
How? Who?

Coffee versus…Discipleship?

I suppose I’ve needed to confess this to you for a time now.   This revelation will likely get me canceled by some of you, as you read about this thing in my life. Others

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September Interviews (As of 8/31)


  • Christian Broadcasting Network, “Faith vs Culture” with Randy Hallowell
  • Relationship Insights, hosted by The Legacy Institute’s Carrie Abbott from Seattle
  • “The Pat Williams Show”, live from Orlando
  • “The Red Letters” live on Faith Radio with Peter Kapsner and Bill Arnold
  • “Front Stage – Back Stage” podcast with Jason Dayes
  • KBRT Los Angeles live, “The Bottom Line” with Roger Marsh
  • Follow-up Interview: “Afternoons with Bill”, on Faith Radio, live from Minneapolis
  • Family Life Radio, “Inside Out” with Martha Monikas-Foster, live from New York

THE DISCIPLE DILEMMA – UPCOMING VIDEOS & PODCASTS – On our website, YouTube, Rumble and major RSS feeds

  • Os Guinness joins Dennis & Raymond to talk about “The Great Quest” – meaning, purpose and discipleship
  • Can disciples do that? A conversation with Andy Moore, Managing Director at Chorus Networks, Oxford UK about capitalism, culture and Christianity
  • A Leadership Conversation – Does Western Discipleship Need a Re-Do? with Dr. Michael Easley, Moody Bible Institute’s 8th President – and Pastor of Nashville’s Stone Bridge Bible Church
  • Justin Gravitt, with Navigators Church Ministry joins Raymond and Dennis to talk church culture

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  • “The Universe Next Door” the podcast of the C.S. Lewis Society, from Tampa, with Dr. Tom Woodward and Nick Shalna
  • “The Walk” on Theology Mix, live from Munich, Germany with John & Shirin Snyder 
  • “The Steve Noble Show”, Radio, live from Raleigh, NC
  • “Love Where You Are” podcast with Somer Colbert from Springdale, AR
  • “Heritage of Truth” with Jeanne Dennis
  • “The Chosen Generation”, Radio from Austin, TX with Pastor Greg Young
  • “Simply Stories” podcast with Emily Humphries from Nashville
  • American Family Radio, live from Tupelo, MS with Walker Wildmon (2nd interview)