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They ambushed Dennis! Forty-five friends from past and present, from the UK, from all over the US – from college days, Air Force days and more – converged on Dennis & Karen in Reston, Virginia for a surprise launch party. The book and E-book are now available – and shipping. With over 65,000 site visits on the website, Facebook and YouTube we are a growing conversation in Western Christian circles – and The Disciple Dilemma is coming to a bookstore near YOU.  




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Discipleship has been HACKED!

Jesus designed and directed the deployment of an operating system (O/S) that he said was to be taken to all the world. You probably know that an operating system is the software allowing computers, spaceships and your cell phones to perform their complex tasks. Christ’s O/S is equipped with a communications app, capable of transmitting life-changing information to people. The O/S is designed to be networked, as it is optimized for teamed action, versus going-it-alone. It is globally deployable. The system is fault-tolerant, able to be fully restored by its developer after internally-induced failures. It is a learning O/S, structured to absorb increasing knowledge about its developer and his other creations throughout its lifespan. Jesus’s O/S is written to relate to, to care for, console and comfort people living in a fallen world’s isolation, despair, violence, oppression, disease, poverty and divisiveness, just to name a few. The O/S exists to be Christ’s building blocks for his Kingdom.

The system is literally, the flesh and bones of missions, ministries, fellowship, study, prayer and worship. This amazing O/S from Christ is designed to operate reliably and winsomely in corrosive environments including hatred, cancel and skepticism—and it is capable, emphasis on the word capable, of operating in graciousness, without fear or anger, even if the individual system itself faces abuse or destruction in doing its job. And, dare we suggest it, the O/S is intended to exemplify and spread peace in the polarities of local, national and global anger and chaos. It is an O/S designed to interact with all sorts of people: neighbors and alien alike, coworkers, professors, artists, the military, business people, the media, family. Maybe even politicians…
But there’s a problem.

Christian leadership must rethink contemporary discipling, to counter the viral replication of fragile, brittle, fading-out disciples.-


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