A disciple was living his dream job: flying around in Air Force fighter jets. Eight years in, a heart defect shuts down his military career. Switching into the business world he is mentored – learning to help turn around struggling companies. And an eerie thing came to light: the realization that the issues that impair employees and the performance of distressed commercial firms also haunt the history of the Church – and modern Western discipleship too. But those symptoms aren’t the problem. What’s behind all that? Welcome to The Disciple Dilemma – and leadership’s vital role in countering it!

A six-time Chief Executive Officer specializing in “turnarounds” for Wall Street backed corporations, Dennis has spoken at Universities, churches and conferences focusing on leadership and discipleship. Dennis currently serves in businesses and charities, as well as his experience in churches of all sizes – megas, mids and startups – as an elder, deacon and teacher. A combat-rated Air Force F-15 fighter pilot, and an alumnus of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, Dennis lives with his bride Karen in the Washington DC area.

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What? When?
How? Who?


The political and newsfeed outlets amp the rhetoric, people are tired of it, citizens anxious, mobs angry. Nobody with a microphone is dialing it back.   “Where are today’s statesmen?” That was Michael Brown’s op-ed

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Slices of the book featured monthly

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