Dennis Allen was flying fighter jets – his dream job.

A medical problem took all that away. Not wanting to “fly a desk” in the military, it was off to the commercial world. 

Dennis is a six-time turnaround CEO, helping Wall-Street backed companies in trouble get back on track. 

That work moved Dennis to a lot of cities and involvement in a variety of churches.

But something was weird:  Christ followers were experiencing identical kinds of struggles and symptoms across the Country.

Why are so many Christians walking out on their faith – the Nones, Dones, De-converted and Ex-vangelicals?

Why are so many who still claim Christianity acting as if they’re on mute or inert or just not willing to talk about Christ outside their church walls? What’s going on?

Western discipleship has been “hacked” by some very old malware operating out in plain sight. That hack is impacting your friends, your family and your church.

What should we do? There’s a Biblical answer for that! Dennis dives into the heart of the problem in his book and his podcast “The Disciple Dilemma”. 


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What? When?
How? Who?

Digitalife – Among Other Oxymorons

Digilopoly: Nvidia, an American AI systems manufacturer topped two trillion dollars in market value on the NASDAQ stock exchange in February 2024.  That’s dollars with a “T” – trillions. To put that in perspective, $2T

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Discipleship: Who, exactly, is a Leader?

The Disciple Dilemma is a conversation with the people responsible for the dilemma. Not responsible as in causing the dilemma. But rather, the people responsible for what happens next. Who are these responsible people?  They’re

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Every conflict carries its own issues and particulars, like the raw power grab of Russia against Ukraine, the genocidal cowardice of Hamas/Iran in the Middle East, or the religious purges inside Afghanistan, Africa and Iraq.

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Slices of the book featured monthly

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