(You may be a leader if…)

This blog is not a shameless attempt to get you to buy a book. But it is a test – a way of helping disciples understand who they really are in Christ, plus a shameless attempt to get you to read the book….!

A lot of people may want to pass here, thinking The Disciple Dilemma is about “those people, not me”. A lot of leaders want to shrug their shoulders as disciples drone “I’m not feeling called to be a leader.” 

So, we developed a diagnostic for believers. The test assumes you consider yourself to be a follower of Christ: someone who believes their hope is located in Christ, not in my personal moral virtue. If that’s you, try the diagnostic – check all that apply, then tally your score:

One Point:     I am old enough to qualify for a vehicle learner’s permit

One Point:     I’m a volunteer somewhere

One Point:     I have a job

One Point:     I participate in sports, civic groups, the arts, media

One Point:     I am in school/university

One Point:     I became a Christian in the past two years

One Point:     I am a member of a church

Two Points:   I supervise people in volunteer work

Two Points:   I am a parent, step-parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle

Two Points:   I sometimes meet with someone about their faith or life issues

Two points:   I belong to a small group or Sunday School gathering

Two Points:   I have been / am going on a mission trip

Two Points:   I work with a ministry team or group

Three Points: I supervise people in my vocation

Three Points: I get together with one or two others to talk about Christianity

Three Points: I teach, help or serve in Christian community (small group or class)

Three Points: I became a Christian over two years ago

Four Points:   I serve in a named (formal/named) leadership role in a Christian community

Six Points:     I teach boy’s fifth-grade Sunday School

YOUR SCORE: ____________

How did you do? If you scored six or more points you’re a leader. Congratulations. Four or five? You’re in the batter’s box – get ready.

According to Jesus, leading is not an optional “next” as a disciple, it’s mandatory. Leading does not mean you have to become a missionary, or a pastor or such. But you must lead others. It may be hundreds, or it may be one. But staying on the bench is not your call. “For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the basic principles of the oracles of God.” Hebrews 5:12

Are you prepared for being a leader and discipler? If the answer is “No way!” please write to us at or visit us at – because we have something for you to consider.

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