Discipleship: Who, exactly, is a Leader?

The Disciple Dilemma is a conversation with the people responsible for the dilemma. Not responsible as in causing the dilemma. But rather, the people responsible for what happens next. Who are these responsible people?  They’re leaders. If you mentor one, or thousands, the dilemma is on you as a leader to address.

The Disciple Dilemma is not a cancel or critique of a style or type of community of believers.  It’s about thoughtful changes that only leaders can bring to the landscape of discipleship.  These changes are actually biblical things you are equipped and called to establish and flourish.  The changes are about issues in plain sight in Scripture, if we look. But the times and the currents have steered us away from that biblical model. Leaders have to be the re-thinkers and the re-starters of a journey out of the cultural and traditional discipling abyss modernity is in. That abyss will only do what an abyss does—descend further away from discipling, never inclining us back toward Christ’s way, never raising up the next disciples. 

Who? Me? Leaders of Christian communities are not just professional pastors, missionaries and staff. They are men, women, young people, old people of every type, style and color that call themselves followers of Christ – all those are leaders, along with the theologians.  Don’t make the mistake of dumping this off on Pastors and formally ordained leaders, although certainly they have roles here too.  Whether you lead many or a very few, Scripture has charged you to support, and not “stumble” people in their faith, nor abandon them in their discipling development and trajectory.

This is an equal opportunity venture.  No matter which side of the political-cultural-theological aisle you’re on, no matter your denomination, no matter your gender, or age or stage, this dilemma is a must-address according to Christ. If you expect the disciples in your circles, those in your charge (and those who one day will be in your charge) to flourish in Christ, as Christ intended his disciples to flourish, you have to get in on this now.  It does not matter whether you lead one, or legion. It is time to get started addressing the problem. How exactly do we do that?  Welcome to The Disciple Dilemma. 

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