An Aussie Talks About Discipling Brits – With an American

Digital absorption…

Identity and meaning deconstruction…

Therapeutic revisionism…

These are the social glues now. And the cultures of our faith communities are getting sticky from them as well.

These are the kinds of issues that leaders have to unlock in belief systems if discipleship – as Christ directed discipleship – is to take fuller hold.

We’ll talk about all these issues and more on our upcoming podcast:

  • Does my cell phone serve me – or is it the other way around?
  • Can identity and personal meaning be fluid?
  • And is therapeutic revisionism a means, or merely a mirage in seeking happiness?

The Disciple Dilemma exists to explore the possibility with leaders, that only leaders (like you) can right an ethos dependent on phygital, on loss of meaning and mission and responsibility.

The call of discipleship – as Christ gave it – is not simply eternal life. It’s that of course, but that’s just the end of the beginning to the story.

Leaders exist to move us beyond mere knowledge, into a change in our lived-out actions and thinking.

Moving from knowledge accrual to knowledge employed is a disciple’s journey, and it is leadership’s responsibility to establish and flourish the mission and culture that thrives that journey.

And it in that journey individual disciples reseed communities they dwell in with purpose, meaning, justice, unity, ministry, missions – and propelling all of these – agape. Agape exactly as it was meant. Agape as it was intended.

We suggest the contemporary glue – the stuff holding people and purpose and the mission together is letting go. Is it something in the glue? The people? The Mission? Yes.

We want to talk to leaders about the dilemma. Can we work on this together? Reach out to us at The Disciple Dilemma.

We’d love to hear from you to talk about changing the dilemma in your space.

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